Oakley Fives Squared Review


Oakley calls their Fives Squared sunglasses the kind of sunglasses you need if you aren’t a fan of conventional sunglasses and you want something that fits you just right and looks good too. In this review we’ll have a look at these sunglasses in more detail and help you decide whether you these are the sunglasses are the right ones for you.

Design & Specs

Oakley has taken a great deal of care in designing the Fives Squared and it shows. The features of these unique sunglasses include:

  • Stress-resistant, lightweight and durable O Matter frames
  • Three-Point Fit, which holds the lenses in precise optical alignment
  • Condensed Cranial Geometry, which makes it a comfortable fit on small to medium faces
  • The protection of Plutonite®, which filters out UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400 nm
  • Maximum clarity at all angles of vision with patented XYZ Optics®


I’m a big fan of the tapered design and the smooth finish that Oakley has given these sunglasses and it feels snug and comfortable on my face. As someone with a narrow face, I usually don’t have a wide choice of sunglasses to choose from and an even harder time finding a pair that looks good. The Fives Squared solves that problem for me so that I have a pair of sunglasses that can be my go-to pair for everyday wear.


It is available in three colors for frames: Polished Black/Grey, Grey Smoke, Root Beer/Dark Bronze, Matte White Tiger, Brown Smoke and Polished White.



Oakley has a sleek and stylish pair of sunglasses that is also comfortable all day long with the Fives Squared. If you buy yourself a pair you may be asking yourself why Oakley says that this pair of sunglasses is their ‘unconventional’ pair of sunglasses; I would like to hope that all conventional sunglasses should all aim to be stylish and comfortable like the Fives Squared.

Oakley Fuel Cell Review


The Oakley brand is continuing its line of uncompromising, intelligent sunglasses with the Oakley Fuel Cell. Oakley has been making innovative and stylish sunglasses for decades. But, it’s not often that you find a near perfect union of modern styling with state of the art eyewear technology.

Design & Specs

The Fuel Cell has an original blend of styling and technology. This lends itself to a design that is both authentic and rare. The design and features of this pair of sunglasses won me over from the moment I saw them. Some of the features for the Fuel Cell include:

  • A lightweight, durable wrap-around frame
  • Plutonite lens material that filters out 100% of UVA/UVB/UVC rays, and blue light up to 400nm
  • Impact resistance that meets or surpasses the ANSI standards for modern eye-wear
  • High definition optics that help to make objects sharp and clear
  • Oakley’s Three-point Fit that keeps the lenses in optical alignment


The Fuel Cell surpasses the mark for style, durability, fit and safety. I have owned plenty of sunglasses over the years. But, none with the unique style and build quality of the Fuel Cell that brilliantly compliments any face. I have come to appreciate the look and feel of the grey lenses and black frame. I’m certain anyone who tries them will as well.



The Fuel Cell is a blend of modern styling and state of the art eyewear technology. They are a lightweight, durable, and fashionable pair of sunglasses. If you are in the market for a pair of sunglasses, don’t hesitate to pick up the Oakley Fuel Cell. They will quickly become your favorite pair as you look for any opportunity to wear them.

Oakley Frogskins Review


In the 1980s Oakley created a line of sunglasses called Oakley Frogskins. Lucky for us this line has been resurrected for us today! Now we have the chance to wear a retro 80’s style pair of sunglasses that is great looking but also very comfortable. In this review we aim to prove that these are the sunglasses for you!

Design & Specs

The Oakley Frogskins sunglasses come in 2 different frame designs giving you the options of an Asia Fit or a Standard Fit. The features of these customizable sunglasses include:

  • The Asia Fit frames are designed to be very comfortable especially for the Asian consumers.
  • The Plutonite lenses offer complete UV protection.
  • HDO® technology provides full optical clarity.
  • The frames are made of a material called O matter that is both light weight and durable.


These stylish retro looking sunglasses are comfortable and will fit most faces. We love the way they look, the way they fit, and the ability to show your individual style by being able to pick from a large variety of different colored frames and lenses. There are many different colors of frames to choose from and each of them with a unique colored lens. With so many choices you are sure to find a perfect fit for you and you will probably love them just as much as we do!


One of the great things about the Frogskins is that they come in a vast array of colors! The frame and lens combinations are endless! Here are a few of the styles pictured below:



If you are looking for a 80’s retro style pair of sunglasses to show off your unique style and where comfortably then these Oakley Frogskins sunglasses are the right ones for you. Our whole crew have become huge fans of these sunglasses and we are sure you will be too!

Oakley Turbine Review


The Oakley Turbine sunglasses are probably one of the sleekest looking models in the Oakley product line. The classic Oakley look, along with the slightly larger frames are accommodating to wider faces, and they fit like a glove.

The Turbine’s have a three point fit system, which means basically that the glasses gently sit over your ears, instead of curving around your ear. This takes out a good bit of discomfort, and if you are outside a lot for your job or hobby.

We’ve all owned a pair of sunglasses that hurt to wear for long periods of time, but you won’t get this with the Oakley Turbine’s.


The Oakley Turbines come in a variety of colors including:


Design and Specs

The Oakley Turbines are some of the most attractive frames I’ve seen for men, but by the same token, don’t leave them out around girlfriends or sisters, because they will definitely sport your glasses, simply because they look so nice. Seriously, these are one of my favorites, and if you wear hats or beanies, these glasses look the best because of how wide they are, as well as how they snug to your face.


  • Interchangeable Icons
  • Unobtanium accents for grip
  • Lens shape inspired by the Hijinx Sunglasses
  • Plutonite Lenses (Full UV Protection)
  • Three Point Fit design – For the perfect fit without any discomfort
  • Durable and lightweight O-Matter frames


Interchangeable icons and insets of sure-grip Unobtanium crank up the Turbine’s “active look”. While the lightweight frames made of O-Matter and the lenses inspired by the popular Hijinx glasses appeal to all types and sexes. The Turbines are built with durability and performance in mind, making them perfect for daily casual wear or active wear. I am a huge fan of these frames, and like I said they fit like a glove. The Turbines are very comfortable, and I recommend the Polarized lenses, as they make colors look remarkable.


The Oakley Turbines are a true work of art.  They have so many great qualities and can be worn for virtually any occasion. They are a great pair of sunglasses and we here at Hi Sunglasses highly recommend them.

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Oakley Holbrook Review


The Holbrook sunglasses made by Oakley are a stylish accessory to any outfit. Whether you’re going out with friends or taking a vacation with your family, these glasses have a sleek and elegant looking design that suit any occasion.


The Holbrook shades come in many different color combinations, here are some of the colors you can purchase them in:



Lens width: 55 millimeters
Lens height: 43 millimeters
Bridge: 15 millimeters
Arm: 135 millimeters


  • Plutonite poly carbonate lens
  • O Matter light weight frames
  • Prescription ready

The design on these glasses are super nice, with a classic rectangular frame build. Created by Shaun White and his brother Jesse as his creative director, while working closely with Oakley.

Holbrook’s are definitely one of our first choices for sunglasses here at Hi Sunglasses. The complete UV protection makes them great for snowboarding in the winter and skateboarding in the warmer months.


This particular model can fit on pretty much any size head, which is great if you’re like me and have a sizable head. They fit snugly so that when doing action sports or extreme activities they wont fall off and break.

The clarity of the lens is almost like not wearing glasses at all so your vision isn’t impaired. I love to long board, and one of the things I hate about most sunglasses is how when going downhill the sun glares off the lens making it hard to see, but with the Oakley Holbrook that doesn’t happen.


All around these are a stellar pair of glasses and definitely worth the price. Just for fun I stopped by a dollar store and got a cheap knockoff pair to compare them too and the difference was incredible. So if you’re looking for the perfect pair of glasses for everyday use to downhill skiing, I would definitely recommend checking these out.

Oakley Sliver Review


The Oakley Sliver sunglasses are a classic style Oakley frame, with a visually appealing design. The Oakley Sliver’s have been one of the most popular models since their introduction to the Oakley product line in 2014.

Many Different Colors to Choose From

The Sliver comes in a variety of colors. The Sliver F Line-up features 6 different frame colors including:sliver-by-oakley-line-up

With 6 different colors to choose from, it’s easy to find a pair that suits you. These sunglasses look good on most men at least hour whole crew seemed to think so! We have a feeling you might end up loving them as much as we do!

Read our in-depth review below!

The Sliver’s don’t just have a unique look to them, they also come packed with many different well thought out features. The Oakley Slivers block out 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light, making them a favorite of just about anybody who spends a lot of time outside.

They are comfortable, cool, and perfect for any scenario.

Design and Specs

The Oakley Sliver’s have a design that makes them very comfortable to wear. Unlike most sunglasses you can wear them for hours on end without noticing any discomfort.

Whether you are looking to make a statement or go unnoticed, these sunglasses will surely become one of your favorites.

Here is a list of the Oakley Sliver’s features and specs:

  • O Matter frame material – This technology makes the Slivers very lightweight and stress resistant
  • Special frame geometry to helps accommodate larger faces
  • Plutonite lenses that block 100% of harmful rays
  • Optional Iridium – An extra lens coating or tint that helps reduce glare, and enhance contrast
  • XYZ Optics – Optimized vision from all angles, including lens periphery
  • Metal icon accents on the arms
  • Available with most Oakley prescription lenses


A seemingly perfect appeal visually, the Sliver design from Oakley is a well built, well thought out pair of sunglasses. They are bold, yet subtle at the same time, and they have enough character in the frame design alone to attract comments from bystanders. They come in a total of six different styles, as far as color goes, and there are uniquely molded sculptural reliefs on the ear stems.

Our whole crew loved the look of these sunglasses! They have a classy yet casual look at the same time!


This pair of Oakley sunglasses are a must have for collectors.. Whether you are a long-time patron of the Oakley product line, or you are just getting your first pair, you can’t go wrong with the Sliver sunglasses made by Oakley.

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Oakley Gascan Review


The Oakley Gascan sunglasses are a stylish addition to the oakley line. The Gascan’s are arguably one of the most influential model of Oakley sunglasses, as they have been around for a long time. The model has changed over the years, and this years might just be the best yet. In our unbiased Oakley Gascan review, we hope to outline all of the pro’s and con’s of to see if these glasses are right for you!

Design & Specs

The Gascan’s have a unique design and are unlike any other models in the Oakley line up. The features of these sunglasses include:

  • Plutonite lenses for UV protection of 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and also blue light up to 400nm.
  • They have a three-point fit which allows for precise optical alignment while also eliminating common pressure points on ears that come with some models of sunglasses.
  • O-Matter frames are stress-resistant and durable.


These sunglasses have a stylish look to them and look and fit great to most faces. Our whole crew loved how these sunglasses looked and fit so much, that it ended up being a fight to see who would get to review them.

The Oakley Gascan’s come in many different colors, below are some of the more popular colors available:



If your in the market for a stylish, and rugged pair of sunglasses. The Oakley Gascan sunglasses might just be for you. We here at Hi Sunglasses are huge fans of this model from Oakley, and we think you might fall in love with them too!

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Ray Ban Wayfarer


Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses are universally recognized as high style, high performance sunglasses. The fins on the glasses are almost as iconic as the Cadillac fins they are styled after. Originally designed in the 1950’s these glasses have been featured in many blockbuster movies in the decades since their design.

Design & Specs

Hard to imagine the Wayfarer design getting better, but this new design might just have done that. These glasses are loaded with modern features as the originals including:

  • A composited/plastic injection molded frame that keeps the frames light yet strong
  • Glass lens that create a much clearer lens than plastic
  • 100% UV400 protection coating
  • Available in endless different lens/frame combinations to suit your personal look


Lens width: 55 millimeters

Lens height: 40 millimeters

Bridge: 18 millimeters

Arm: 145 millimeters


Styled like the original 1956 Wayfarer, the new Wayfarer Classic Sunglasses have a smaller frame and and slightly softer eye shape. The fit of these glasses is great, they are comfortable and stay in place without being too tight. They give any outfit a classic look making them a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe.


Regardless of your style choices Ray Ban’s Wayfarer Sunglasses are going to be a great addition to your look. Whether you buy these for a fashion statement, or for their eye protection properties, the smaller frame and restyled eye shape have made these glasses much more wearable for more people. I think they fit great, and feel like I walked out of a 1950’s beach movie when I wear them. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a high end, stylish pair of sunglasses. If you buy them for your self or a gift you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

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Oakley Latch


Oakley Latch Square

In the Oakley Latch sunglasses line, you will find a mix of 10 different styles to choose from! Whatever style you have, you will most likely find a pair of Oakley Latch sunglasses that will suit you.


Original Oakley Latch

The Latch style according to Oakley was influenced by the skateboarding world. The original Latch design offers a more gritty, machine based, steampunk look, while the Latch Asia frame shape is more simple and straight forward. The Latch Square sunglasses have more box shaped lenses, while the original Latch sunglasses have rounder lenses.

Designs and Specs

I am a huge fan of the Latch line, since there are so many styles to choose from! The Oakley Latch sunglasses line is broad enough to suit just about every body! The Latch sunglasses are bold enough to stand out, but have a special kind of every mood to them. They are a bold addition to any man’s sunglasses collection, whatever your style is!

The Oakley Latch sunglasses don’t just look stylish, they also have many well thought out features including:

  • Three point fit make them comfortable to wear for long periods of time
  • O-Matter material makes them durable, stress resistant, and comfortable
  • Plutonite Lenses block all types of harmful rays (UVA, UVB,UVC, and harmful blue light)
  • They have a built in “latch” feature that let’s you latch them to your t-shirt when your not wearing them (hence their name)


With classical orbital ridges, and lenses that come in square or round, your sure to love this unique line of sunglasses, no matter what your style. Our whole crew at Hi Sunglasses are huge fans of the look of these unique sunglasses. They truly do look good on just about anybody!

The Latch series features a kick up feature that allows you to keep them clipped to the front of your shirt for when your indoors or not wearing them.

The Latch glasses have a style for just about anyone, and are sure to soon be one of your favorites.


Every pair of glasses in the Oakley lineup get tested for optical clarity, visual fidelity, and impact resistance, so you can be sure that you are getting a pair that will last you. Oakley have been industry leaders for over 40 years, and the Latch sunglasses are a solid addition to their line-up. Whether you are a collector of Oakley sunglasses or just an every day dude looking for a new pair of shades. Your sure to fall in-love with this unique style of glasses!

The Oakley Latch sunglasses have quickly became one of my go-to pairs of sunglasses! I adore them for three main reasons. Fit, visual appeal, and lastly, the Latch feature. 

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Oakley Crankshaft


The Oakley Crankshaft sunglasses are a stylish new addition to the Oakley line-up.

The combination of Fuel cell and Gascan has led to the creation of the Crankshaft which in our opinion is one of their finest product so far. Everyone is sure to love these unique new sunglasses.

Read our in-depth review below!

Design & Specs

The Crankshaft’s have a unique design which makes them stylish yet they still offer vital protection to your eyes, so they are great for nearly any occasion!

They have a unique design which allows them to be worn for long periods of time with little to no discomfort. Their design also allows them to snugly fit to most faces. The shape of your head doesn’t matter as it gives a snug grip without creating any discomfort.

The Crankshaft is more than just a good looking pair of sunglasses, they also have features including:

  • Dual-thickness Plutonite lenses provide optimal clarity and
  • The frames are made of a lightweight synthetic material called O-matter
  • It has a three-point fit mechanism for a comfortable experience while wearing for long periods of time
  • Polaric Ellipsoid geometry is incorporated to offer peripheral clarity
  • 100% protection against the full UV spectrum


These glasses have a unique look to them. They look like a combination of the Fuel Cell and the Gascan sunglasses by Oakley. Their look is perfect for nearly every occasion as they are stylish yet also offer eye protection.


If you are looking for an elegant, robust and sleek pair of sunglasses, the Oakley Crankshaft sunglasses will offer just that and more. Our whole crew has fallen in love with this model by Oakley and we think you will too!

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