The Oakley Turbine sunglasses are probably one of the sleekest looking models in the Oakley product line. The classic Oakley look, along with the slightly larger frames are accommodating to wider faces, and they fit like a glove.

The Turbine’s have a three point fit system, which means basically that the glasses gently sit over your ears, instead of curving around your ear. This takes out a good bit of discomfort, and if you are outside a lot for your job or hobby.

We’ve all owned a pair of sunglasses that hurt to wear for long periods of time, but you won’t get this with the Oakley Turbine’s.


The Oakley Turbines come in a variety of colors including:


Design and Specs

The Oakley Turbines are some of the most attractive frames I’ve seen for men, but by the same token, don’t leave them out around girlfriends or sisters, because they will definitely sport your glasses, simply because they look so nice. Seriously, these are one of my favorites, and if you wear hats or beanies, these glasses look the best because of how wide they are, as well as how they snug to your face.


  • Interchangeable Icons
  • Unobtanium accents for grip
  • Lens shape inspired by the Hijinx Sunglasses
  • Plutonite Lenses (Full UV Protection)
  • Three Point Fit design – For the perfect fit without any discomfort
  • Durable and lightweight O-Matter frames


Interchangeable icons and insets of sure-grip Unobtanium crank up the Turbine’s “active look”. While the lightweight frames made of O-Matter and the lenses inspired by the popular Hijinx glasses appeal to all types and sexes. The Turbines are built with durability and performance in mind, making them perfect for daily casual wear or active wear. I am a huge fan of these frames, and like I said they fit like a glove. The Turbines are very comfortable, and I recommend the Polarized lenses, as they make colors look remarkable.


The Oakley Turbines are a true work of art.  They have so many great qualities and can be worn for virtually any occasion. They are a great pair of sunglasses and we here at Hi Sunglasses highly recommend them.

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